T.S. Eliot

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τοῦ λόγου δὲ ἐόντος ξυνοῦ ζώουσιν οἱ πολλοί
I. p. 77. Fr. 2.
Although logos [reason] is common, the many
live as if they had a wisdom of their own

ὡς ἰδίαν ἔχοντες φρόνησιν
I. p. 89 Fr. 60.
The way upward and the way downward
is one and the same

H. A. Diels: Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker (Herakleitos)
The Fragments of the Presocratics (Heraclitus)

  Quartet No. 1: Burnt Norton
  Quartet No. 2: East Coker
  Quartet No. 3: The Dry Salvages
  Quartet No. 4: Little Gidding

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